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To Create Your Secure OnLine Hotel Booking System, Start Here Hotel Account
 Register your property :
  Read your email, get your username and password, login and insert your room types and rates.
  Insert a few lines of code in your website. We can customize the code to keep the same design with your web site.
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Craiova, Romania
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Online reservation software for the use of hotels, motels or any individual lodging facility. After installing the system on your hotel website (in fact inserting a few lines of code), the number of reservations will dramatically increase. Anyway, you don't have anything to lose, as you pay us only if you have reservations through the system.
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Online reservation software for travel agencies websites.

The agency inserts all the details regarding the hotels (rates, photos, description etc.)

The visitors will be able to see all these details and make online reservations.
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Complete software for the use of reservation websites, where each lodging facility enters its details and the guests pay them directly .
The system owner receives commissions from the accommodation providers.
It is ideal for hotel chains, hotel associations or any company that wants to manage a reservation portal.
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